About Us

Naming Philosophy


The legends of Celtic Goddess Brigantia’s wisdom, healing and craftsmanship have its roots in the Irish mythology and its rich culture since times immemorial. Also known as the Goddess of perfection and elegance, she is the beloved deity of healers and craftsmen all across the globe.

Our philosophy has been inspired by the virtues of this divine being. The brand name Brigit is our homage to the Goddess. The Brigit philosophy revolves around elegance, intricate craftsmanship, quality and comfort.


This is the classic tale of two young and ambitious friends coming together for the actualization of one common passion. Vishal with his need for perfection in every detailed aspect and Brijesh with his extraordinary people skills created the invincible Brigit team that intends to develop a range of shoes as a response of India to all international brands in terms of quality, design and craftsmanship. While pursuing a successful career at Oracle, the dynamic duo noticed the lack of an elegant Indian counterpart in an otherwise competitive footwear market, monopolized by International players only.




The common goal of crafting every individual design with perfection, Brigit brings to you its very own range of suave footwear for men.These designs are inspired by westerners and crafted by Indians. The combination of dapper western designs with internationally acclaimed Indian craftsmanship has aided in creation of the most iconic range of footwear.

And then this in the end – The basic idea to develop a brand that caters to the needs of fashion enthusiasts at a domestic level has been the driving force which has led Brigit to this stage of dream actualization.